Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Climate Gate and Gun Control (DjVu all over again) or Something is Rotten in Denmark

Many hoplophobic groups have had succeeded in their agenda, by creating a fear and misunderstanding about ASSAULT WEAPONs and particularly the AR-15. They have successfully turned the nomenclature to become the commonly accepted term for AR-15's, Black Rifles, and rifles that look scary. The AGENDA does not play fairly and does not waiver.
The Climate Change fanatics are trying to do the same thing. Taking something as erratic as the weather, making predictions 10 to 100 years out and turning the fear into the largest tax grab and distribution of wealth in history.
Everything was progressing well. Universities, the UN, celebrities, politicians and world leaders were taking the bait.
Even the weather channel began toting the politically correct mantra. I don't know about you, but the weather channel has a hard enough time correctly predicting the weather in 72 hours, much less 10 to 100 years out.
Over 200 world leaders began meeting in Copenhagen with about 150 of them holding their hands out expecting over 100 Billion in compensatory damages from the proceeds of Carbon Taxes.
No wonder over 200 countries can agree to meet in peace on one topic for the first time in the history of the universe.
Then Climate Gate!
Someone exposed e-mails from the main players that questioned the validity of the data. In fact these leaked e-mails show downright manipulation to the point of fraud.
Is this the end of the line for the carbon tax handout? Is the over 100 Billion dollar gift horse off to the glue factory?
Don't count on it.
Something very similar has happened in 2001. A book was published by a Professor that re-wrote the history of the role that firearms played in Colonial America.
His findings were hailed by the anti-Second Amendment Sophisticates of the time as proof that the Second Amendment did not mean what it said.
Meanwhile, someone decided to checkout the footnotes listed by the Professor and found that the conclusions and citations were not only wrong but down right deceptive.
These findings were then dismissed by the hoplophobics of the day because he was not an Academic. Who needs facts when the cause of the agenda is so righteous. The Main Stream Media of the day showed little interest in the matter. Sound familiar yet?
Luckily, a few virtuous Academics found that the conclusions and citations were not only wrong but down right deceptive.
A Peer Review was initiated and lo and behold the Professor turned author claimed that his notes were lost in a flood when the sprinkler system went off in his office.
Kind of like the IPCC scientist that said his data was deleted.
The Professor turned author was allowed to resign and the anti-Second Amendment Sophisticates continued to dismiss the errors as a Right Wing smear lead by the NRA.
Kind of like the Climate Gate Leak was designed by Russia or Big Oil.
What do insignificant things like facts and truth matter when the cause is so noble and just. I am beginning to wonder myself.
Read about the scandal involving the book :"Arming America: The Origins of a National Gun Culture" by Professor Michael A. Bellesiles and the discoveries of Clayton Cramer
or a comparison of both scandals
Read what the UN really wants from the United Nations Climate Change Conference

A chronological history of the leaked climategate e-mails.

Just in: When the facts are contrary to a moral and just noble agenda, destroy and vilify the messenger. Here is what Don't call me Mam General, I'm a Senator Barbra Boxer has to say.
"You call it 'ClimateGate'; I call it 'E-mail-theft-gate,'" Boxer clarified during a committee shindig. "We may well have a hearing on this; we may not. We may have a briefing for senators; we may not." Boxer, as steady as they come, went on to put the focus where it belongs: on hackers. She warned: "Part of our looking at this will be looking at a criminal activity which could have well been coordinated. ... This is a

Gee, didn't see that one comin.....

Wake up America! You are being bamboozled!

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